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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Term 2 Week 2-Tuesday 28th April

Hi Everyone-Welcome back to Term 2.

We have started the term by learning about the ANZAC's and WW1-research, role plays, viewing and reading articles, information. It was great to see many of you at the Anzac Service.
Our Trench Day went well today with lots of experiences and role plays-and then we had a great time making ANZAC biscuits in the afternoon.

We are getting into Music by listening to different instruments and then having guests tell us about their instruments and play for us-along with our own classmates sharing their talents. Wednesday we have piano and on Thursday there is guitar. We intend to experience a variety of musical instruments and create our own music in many different ways during the term. 

Our reading programme has started with SRA Reading Laboratory. 
The children work at their own levels independently learning a variety of reading skills.

In science we are learning to observe and record information, as well as conduct an experiment, collate data and discuss results. Our data handling and statistics work from last term will help us a great deal here.

Spelling continues with a pretest at the start of the week and the post test on Friday. Spelling words are taken home every night.

Writing is based on the School Words Alive Programme, and will be narratives this term. We will still be writing on topics for theme work.

We have Te Reo weekly with Mary Anne visiting fortnightly-we will be learning our mihimihi.

All for now-
Room 2